Don and Laura here, from Sundamentals, LLC and we’re proud to present the ToobTop™! What IS a ToobTop™ you ask? The ToobTop™ is an adjustable inner tube cover designed to create comfort and support, to keep you from getting burned and from getting that irritating rash on your arms, legs, back and chest from that hot and sticky inner tube while river tubing.

The ToobTop™ inner tube cover has a carrying handle with support strap that buckles around your inner tube, which makes it easier to transport to and from the water. In addition, there is an attached carrying bag that can be used for trash (to help keep our rivers clean), a waterproof container or even your shoes!

In Phoenix, Arizona it is hot and desert like and WATER comes to mind, that’s where river tubing comes in. It’s a tradition here in Arizona to go down to the Salt River Recreation and go river tubing. It is THE place to be if you want to have a good time, catch some rays and get an awesome tan! So, after years of tubing on scorching hot inner tubes we thought to ourselves, “there has GOT to be a better way!” and the result was the ToobTop™ inner tube cover.

The ToobTop™ inner tube cover fits most medium to large inner tubes (about 48″ inches or so) and can help make your tubing experience a more enjoyable one. Happy tubing, from us to you, ToobTop™ inner tube covers!


“Top That!”

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